Turkey performing schools

Turkey is also the birthplace of one of belly dance. But it with killed Egypt performing schools of different style, "how good (anything goes)" they dance more friendship with the concept, p90 beachbody agglomeration dynamic dance style, large preceded of motion, gorgeous and Hanson and unrestrained. Jumping and hipaction and hip shimmy (shimmy) is very genre to With the rapid and vibration (shimmy) is known for autumn many hip West. Not too much like the Egyptian style of implicative. Dancers perform the habit of wearing shoes. Today's Middle Eastern dance style,p90 workout schedule also appeared Turkey dancer with Egyptian style music and performances have been adapted the Egyptian style of dance.

The Lebanese performing schools

Lebanese belly dance is a belly dance schools between modern Egypt and Turkey style.

American style

Not using traditional belly dance and belly dance difference, and Americancabarat belly dance belly dance based in Egypt, more use of gauze and otherauxiliary tools, let more dazzling dance, ballet and influenced by jazz and Spanishdance, compared with the traditional belly dancing uses belly dancer seems to be more willing to join some fresh content. America belly dance pressedAmerican traditional type and American type cabarat.p90 plan

In addition to the school, in the folk have many different style belly dance.


It is a country dance Egypt is also a music name. When it is put on the stage will have a new name "urban Beledi". Such civil belly dance is the most attractive eye it gorgeous unusual 't shoot. Usually it 's emergence is fit and Caftan, clothesboth side or sides of the opening, called Beledi dress. Triangle telescope is also a genre accessories.


It is popular in Persia, America, Gulf of Mexico and Saudi continually ''s bellydance. Dancers wear colorful, gorgeous embroidered dress, called thobe nashal, wearing distinctive headdress. To shoulder movements. Formulate hardy Campbell, Albania, khaleeji dance bands. Khaleeji Albania, visual feast fieldacoustic I love the dress exquisite gorgeous embroidery, that is the beauty of the dance Albania as part of board.

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